Smart Toys Market Highlights

The global smart toys market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the increasing internet penetration, increasing disposable income, and a large population base. With technological advancements, the smart toy has its own intelligence and are interactive, which makes them popular among kids. Also, manufacturers are introducing new products with several benefits for kids such as learning and developing a skill, thus creating greater acceptance among parents for these toys.

The increasing internet penetration, increasing disposable income, and large consumer base are the key factors driving the growth of the smart toys market. The increasing traction for these toys is attributed to the marketing campaign run by the industry players promoting their products as key in the development and growth of their kids. This is leading to the increasing adoption by parents to provide their kids with these toys to benefit their children in learning and skill development and also have health benefits as claimed by the manufacturers.

With the increasing disposable income and internet penetration, more consumers are able to afford these toys, thus leading to significant growth in the market. These toys work as an assistant that can wake up the child in the morning, remind them of assignments, answer their questions, and get them to bed by time. Parents can analyze the activity of their children through an online dashboard as well. All these benefits are anticipated to lead to significant growth in the smart toy industry in the coming years.

Geographically, North America is the largest smart toy market due to the technological advancements, high disposable income, and adoption of these toys as engagement for kids by their working parents. The artificial intelligence sector has witnessed enormous development over the years in the U.S. The manufacturers of toy industry has utilized these opportunities and boosted the sales of their toys with advanced features. Smart toys play a significant role as an assistant to kids helping them in their day-to-day schedules and studies. Furthermore, these toys help the parents to analyze the productivity of their children and are reliable for working mothers.

Asia-Pacific is observed to witness the fastest growth in the market due to the increasing disposable income and large consumer base. Also, the popularity of artificial intelligence among the large population in the country such as Japan is enabling the country to extensively invest towards these smart toys. Moreover, the country has amended several norms in order to secure the privacy of the customers utilizing this technology.

Key players in the smart toys industry are investing heavily in research and development to improve the quality of the product and are also adopting the latest technologies which are strengthening their position in the market. Moreover, it has been observed that local players are depending upon new technology to develop cost efficiencies in their business operations thus increasing the rivalry in the market to some extent. Some major players in the smart toys market include Sanrio Company Ltd., Konami Corporation, Fisher Playmates Toys, TOMY Company Ltd., Dream International Ltd., Kids II Sanrio Company Ltd., JAKKS Pacific Inc., Integrity Toys, Inc., Mattel, Inc. and Leap-Frog Enterprises Inc.

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